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Tiny Teeny Felt Cake by airlobster Tiny Teeny Felt Cake by airlobster
*all plushies are available for sale - go to my website [link] - or ask. :3
XxCleoxLionxX Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2008

Red Cross Blood Drive Coming Soon!
And we need your HELP!


What is it YOU could do to help Support This Blood Drive? So much you wouldn't believe it!

I know it may seem like a lot, but heck- Even doing one thing on the list would give us the support we need!

This Blood Drive is themed; TWILIGHT. Yes, the Stephenie Meyer's novel! I know it may seem like it has been done before; but it really hasn't! We have everything almost ready! WE have the Doctors WE have the news cast waiting, all we need is to broadcast and let people know about it and come to help out!

Now READ closely and please be sure to keep everything in mind and pass on this message! We need as much help as we can get!

+ A NAME! We need a name for this Blood Drive! We have come up with soooo many, but none that seem perfect! This is again, a Twilight themed- Or more so, Vampire! We will just be having Twilight things given away in games during this Charity/Blood Drive. Yes, Charity as well!

+ A MYSPACE layout! Fullpage and ready to be seen by everyone who is anyone! We need as much advertisment as we can get!

+ A Webpage design! A webpage will be needed to inform everyone on what exactly is happening and where! We need for you to come up with a design and donate it to us!

+ Can You SEW? If so, we are in need of certain DOLLS! Yes, Dolls! Why Dolls? Because, this is a Charity Blood Drive! It will have many activities and give-aways for those who have helped us! (What Dolls you may ask? TWILIGHT Dolls! We want Vampire Dolls! Sorry Jacob, but it IS a Blood Drive! So if you can SEW! WE need as many people to volunteeerrr for this spot! SO please send a comment or note!]

+ Banners. Banners and more Banners! WE need MANY Banners to advertise this Blood Drive! Why? Because we need people to know how to help and where to go to find information!

+ Icons are pleased as well! Remember, this is a Blood Drive, so keep it nice! Nothing against Blood; but for it!

+ Fanart! Yes, we do want fanart! AND those who send it in; will not only have it worn on the site, but placed in a Charity Competition! You will have it places at the Blood Drive and voted on! Winning you a chance to win many of prizes!

+ A Song! A song about Giving away blood, but be sure to remember.. This is Twilight themed!

-More May be Added-

Just remember, once we have a name.. It will be easier to work with the Banners and Layouts! So please, think of those right away with us!

Let us know right away if you can do this by sending a note or comment; ASAP!

Please remember to pass this on! It will mean so much to have others involved! This will be happening in the states and the State selected has been Arizona! Yes, Arizona!

zoro-swordsman Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2006
:wow: This touches my heart~ :D considering I work with cakes 6 days a week...
And that had to have a biznatch to do because it's so small...
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September 14, 2006
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