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Here as well as other blogs and places instead.

Sorry to be so blatant, but my adoptable site (collectibles with gaming and such) needs a boost. All we need is talking/posting members. No one *will* talk because no one *is*. So, vicious circle, and we need some activity. There's FREE collectibles for those who join, and special Holiday gifts and such going on right now.

I'll rant a little here. When other sites like this first opened up, they didn't have fancy coding or anything... so we have what I can afford right now. Seems the only way I can get people in is to have what I can't afford, though. The art & heart are there, shops, games (a whole arcade and more), trading, and so forth... but no, it doesn't have a bunch of flashy coding (yet). The other sites worked up to that. I need to work up to that, too. But I can't do it without members <3
I started an adoptable/collectible item and creature site awhile ago in September. Only thing is, you need to post to earn the currency, and no one's posting! We have tons of goodies and a really big Holiday extravaganza planned...

Come check it out <3
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Click them? Good lord they're addicting XDD
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Rai made an account to try and get some more wonderful pixel artists to the site! I know that a bunch of my pals are excellent pixelists here, so if you'd like to maybe try pixelling for a very well-rounded and reputable avatar community click the av and check our Roli DA Page out.
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You might be able to snag a custom plush or illustration from my Etsy shop:…

If not, hereya go. I''ll draw whatever you'd like, but it's $5 for an easy piece, $10 for a middle type piece and $20 complicated.

Note the details on the "complicated" pieces are more than the easier ones; that's all. If you'd like a different style I'm up for it, too. Just let me know.

Easy:… // Middle:… // Complicated:…

If you're not sure drop me a line or better yet head to my website:
But I have this account, which is a bit more "watched" and known, or my character's name account.


I don't know which one to use! This has too many images on it already, so they're too many to delete. I'm unsure about using a brand new one, you know?
I'm not here. I'm a figment of your imagination, yo.

I decided to hop by and see what was up, maybe finish cleaning up my gallery.

Y'know, I just realized. If I could delete this entire gallery...I'd maybe come back and upload all my new stuff. Just 'cause. BUT SINCE IT'S TAKING TOO LONG, buh! It irritates me. I can't help it if I drew too much crap.

My site's still at
My fanart site is now at:

My anime forums are the top anime rpg forums on yuku!:

...visit me.
Everyone needs to read this journal:…

It's why I'll be back from time to time until my images are all gone. DevArt has been violating their own Terms of Service and by so doing, has claimed permanent partial copyright over any and all material you have ever uploaded onto their site.  I do not wish anything on this site to be used by them, and have begun removing my imagery. I'll make a formal statement here by claiming that I had never agreed to DA keeping "back copies" of my art and I do not wish them to do so on anything I have ever submitted.

72+ ONE PIECE Yaoi Doujinshi for sale:…

My site: [link]

My FANART site: [link]

My Forums (populated): [link]

Chat with me now and then, people, okay? I'll missya. I'm always on the Brigade Forums, and so are many like-minded people.


I originally left because DA removed a piece of fanart I drew, claiming I didn't draw it and that it was a screenshot. I had the original file so I sent it off and yes. The pic was re-instated. Always keep your backfiles, peops.
My site:

My FANART site:…

My Forums (populated):

Chat with me now and then, people, okay? I'll missya. I'm always on the Brigade Forums, and so are many like-minded people.

But I'll only be back if a professional site contacts me through here and I need to get in touch (happened a few times already now.)


Left because:
[Unwarranted DA stuff. They burn me too much. I also despise all the art theft and tracing = popularity, but originality = no popularity here. I'm getting jobs again now that I actually left.]
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Pyramid Head's for sale on eBay, starting at only $9.00  Buy him and help me start making some money! *roffle*…

*edit: a few thoughts on buying art.

I've never hidden the fact that I make mistakes just like anyone else, but I am a professional when it comes to my work. If you're buying from me, you're buying from someone who works good, works hard, and has bills to pay just like yourself. Not someone that has ripped versions of software and charges $50 less than the actual professional that knows how to utilize them fully because they went to an art college or school. Same goes for factory-made items. I usually am ahead of the times and come out with things before they're popular - then the conglomerates of the world grab the idea and mass-produce it, literally putting me out of business each time.

I say this because in this world we're losing track of giving jobs to the qualified and throwing them to whoever does it "the cheapest". Good artists are "starving artists" because folks won't pay for their - our -- services. Why pay $9.00 for a custom made plush if the Toys R Us has one for $1.00? Because this one is made with love and care has gone into its every stitch and design. It takes me several hours to sew a plush that I sell for $5.00 - that's less than minimum wage! Please keep this in mind when you're looking at items to purchase. Contacting an artist (any artist) is ensuring that we have money to pay for items we really need, you get an item that is custom-made and original and everyone is made happy.
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*edit: I haven't forgotten anyone, really! I'm still doing these. But the holidays have a way of making me sad; and I tend to not go online as much. I'll be back in a week or so. :heart:


Oooookaaaayyy! I'll doodle up some gift art for people this year as holiday cheer offerings :3 I'll try to get everyone, I really will. Even if  did just get an xBox 360 and Dead Rising owns my soul right now.

Just post here and let me know if you'd like a simple single-character pic and who give me references. To make it easier. If you want them saying something just lmk too.


If anyone wants to do the same for me, heck. I'd love a pic of Zoro - doesn't even have to include my furry form but if he was saying something about me/to me it'd be awesome. Need references?… Me:…

OMG THE GIFTS! Again sorry: sometimes they're a bit of a doodle instead of a fully-fledged pic. I'm trying to get to everyone! If there's a ? by your name I need refs or something ^^

Miyukitty   -…
NoodleMeister -…
BulmaMelody  - Hwoarang & Bulma
zoro-swordsman  -…
rei-briefs -…
R-Zoro  -…
magesx -…
zaininsbride -…
ludicrous-lullabies  -…
Breegull -…
lizstaley  - ?
wolfspecter  -…
SD-DreamCrystal - (later)
Vitani-Le  -…
JessicaSephiroth - Alastor
kittymike  - ?
Machineguntimz80 - ? - the help desk is your friend. Muahahaa.
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That's right. :3 And I always want to share it with as many friends as possible. So, while I have a fresh roll of stamps, if anyone wants to exchange adresses for holiday cards let me know!

I don't condone minors giving away their addresses'd infuriate your parents if nothing else than get me in trouble - but hey, a lot of my pals are 18+ and all that. LMK. :)

If you're under 18 or don't wanna divulge your info (and in this day and age I don't blame you) let's just do an artsy trade thing :D ...consider it my holiday card to you. ^_|| Just don't ask for a van gogh or anything. LOL! It'll probably be a doodle since I have so many friends.
JUST A NOTE: I HAVEN'T BEEN DOING THIS FOR YEARS NOW. I won't be doing it anymore because I'm working at my collectible/adoptable pet site: apologies for those that wanted fruits!




What Devilfuit did YOU eat?
It's like an adoption center for fruits with bizarre powers! You pick your fruit & Angel (airlobster) draws it for you with a linkback to your gallery in the description. Then you link back to the picture, journal or web page.

:bulletpurple: Original Fruits Only. If folks ask for a fruit that's been taken via show or manga they get a parody version. Oi, and Please link back.

I toldya I'd get around to them:………………


) hippie Fruit: deenis
) saw-Obsesser Fruit: BadWord
) blindy Fruit: BlueHeatwave
) Marshmallow Fruit: GomuGomuLuffy
) clone fruit: sole-soul
) shinigami fruit: Blue-Sonikku
) vampire fruit: vampire-otaku
) agility fruit: Hikari-XD
) fruit Fruit: redfeatherraven
) foxgirl fruit: Catgirl-Aishiru
) necro Neko fruit: QuinAlagrose
) dalek-dalek fruit: pirateneko
) ultima fruit: Machineguntimz80
) kinky fruit: Maromanko
) mist-mist fruit: KaizokuShojo


...this idea been brought to you by a fan that watches real (not ripped, not raped) dvd's of ONE PIECE, as she has been doing for many years. She would like the world to know that the anime she loves is not "4kids".
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Not many people would believe it, but you know drugs won't work on someone who's so big and buff. I mean, not like he really needs to be bigger, but living with someone made of rubber can really be a downer on a man's ego!

Think about it.

But yes.

Now, you, too, can help.

If you really wish to help Roronoa Zoro, just click the and it will be more effective than anything you can imagine.


*sweatdrops and runs away screaming as he lunges for her*


Oh shit oh shit. xD Don't hurt me marimokunnn!
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So, I'm doing better now. xD 2 days after fainting and whaling my side and head on the bathroom tiles, my ribs look like this:…

And...they feel like this: Ow ow ow ow ow.

Duh. Of course they do. So, it's officially confirmed that I have uh, Hypotension. Low blood pressure - and in such drastic drops that I faint. Ha! Current guidelines define normal blood pressure as lower than 120/80. Mine while at the clinic was 90/72...and it swerved around while I sat up and stuff, always changing, which wasn't good. I have to watch out for dehydration now and check my heart arrhythmia (erratic heartbeats, frequent in my family, I get 'em). xD
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11/12 edit: Yow. So, the shot I was given yesterday wore off. HOMGWTF it hurts. I have bruises in places I didn't think was possible and we found out it's arthritis in my knee. ;_; Ouch. I hate exercise, and now I need to do more than just play DDR.


Omgomg, ow....dammit. Okay. Wasn't online all day except for right now for a reason, a good one. I've been having issues with my knee all week and got up around 7:30 with the worst charley horse ever in it. It wouldn't let up and it left me horribly weak and tense. I got up, went to the bathroom and then thought I was gonna die. I swear. Got the bathroom wastebucket and everything out, bent over it...nothing.

Well, the nausea passed and I set the bucket down and stood (I think). Next thing I knew I was laying on the floor with my head tilted. Everything HURT like [expletive deleted].

I stumbled to my bed and called hubby - and he saw I had a huge bump on my forehead. Bigger than a golf ball. I was also pretty damned fuzzy-headed, delerious and stuff. I'd passed the hell out in the bathroom. Dammit! Again!

Well, long story shortened - went to the walk-in clinic nearby instead of the hospital as soon as the swelling went down some. I have bruises all down my one side and my head feels like someone took a baseball bat to it. They gave me a shot of some high ibuprofen crud in my hip. Ow. Other than that and the fact that he has to wake me up ervery 3-4 hours to check my reactions I'm okay now.

Ow. I'm seriously in need of more ibuprofen. I can't have narcotics because then we wouldn't be able to see if I'm getting loopy because of the head injury. ;_;
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That's right, he's celebrating his birthday at the Anime Estrogen Brigade:…

Go wish him a happy birthday. You know you wanna!
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*above title to the tune of that "Badger, Badger" flash by Weebl and Bob. xD

Warning. Bipolar posting.

I've been super angsty and anxious lately. My knee's been hurting like @#$% for the past 3 or 4 days - it's hard to walk on and hurts when I'm sitting even -- and I just feel like bad inside.

Damn. I hate it when I go flipside. I fought it for so long. Ugh. Anyways, without medication I'll be sort of creepy for awhile. I've been stressing about my website recently, feeling it's "not good enough" and ...well, it's like this. I feel that nothing I draw or do is "good" enough. At all. So you may see a lot of stuff posted here as well as at the site because I'm working myself to the bone to come up with things that I like and that might get me noticed enough to make money. Heh heh.

I'm considering eBay again, though lord knows I hate that place to sell stuff on. I did it for like, 10 years and it just sucks. But I may consider it again.

...does anyone have a flipping model/pattern of a UFO Catcher doll, for goodness' sake? These people are so close-lipped it's not funny. What the flip, so someone else might make one and get your cash on eBay? Is that what they're all scared of?! I'm about ready to buy a cheap one and rip it all apart to find out how to. Ha!

Angel could never rip a plushie.

Even one of Nami...well, wait a minute here. I may be on to something. Yes. Yes, I'm feeling it. Never mind the previous statement. LOL.
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Yes. I [am] this stupid. Doing at least one piece (hahaha) of art for each pokemon and listing them here! Yes I know I don't have them all listed yet. ;_;

1 Bulbasaur…
2 Ivysaur…
3 Venusaur…
4 Charmander…
5 Charmeleon…
6 Charizard…
7 Squirtle…
8 Wartortle…
9 Blastoise
10 Caterpie…
11 Metapod
12 Butterfree
13 Weedle…
14 Kakuna
15 Beedrill…
16 Pidgey
17 Pidgeotto
18 Pidgeot
19 Rattata
20 Raticate
21 Spearow
22 Fearow
23 Ekans
24 Arbok
25 Pikachu…
26 Raichu
27 Sandshrew
28 Sandslash
29 Nidoran Female
30 Nidorina
31 Nidoqueen
32 Nidoran Male
33 Nidorino
34 Nidoking
35 Clefairy
36 Clefable
37 Vulpix
38 Ninetales
39 Jigglypuff
40 Wigglytuff
41 Zubat
42 Golbat
43 Oddish
44 Gloom
45 Vileplume
46 Paras
47 Parasect
48 Venonat
49 Venomoth
50 Diglett
51 Dugtrio
52 Meowth
53 Persian
54 Psyduck
55 Golduck
56 Mankey
57 Primeape
58 Growlithe
59 Arcanine
60 Poliwag
61 Poliwhirl
62 Poliwrath
63 Abra
64 Kadabra
65 Alakazam
66 Machop
67 Machoke
68 Machamp
69 Bellsprout
70 Weepinbell
71 Victreebel
72 Tentacool
73 Tentacruel
74 Geodude
75 Graveler
76 Golem
77 Ponyta
78 Rapidash
79 Slowpoke
80 Slowbro
81 Magnemite
82 Magneton
83 Farfetch'd
84 Doduo
85 Dodrio
86 Seel
87 Dewgong
88 Grimer
89 Muk
90 Shellder
91 Cloyster
92 Ghastly
93 Haunter
94 Gengar
95 Onix
96 Drowzee
97 Hypno
98 Krabby
99 Kingler
100 Voltorb
101 Electrode
102 Exeggcute
103 Exeggutor
104 Cubone
105 Marowak
106 Hitmonlee
107 Hitmonchan
108 Lickitung…
109 Koffing…
110 Weezing
111 Rhyhorn
112 Rhydon
113 Chansey
114 Tangela
115 Kangaskhan
116 Horsea
117 Seadra
118 Goldeen
119 Seaking
120 Staryu Water
121 Starmie
122 Mr. Mime
123 Scyther
124 Jynx Ice
125 Electabuzz
126 Magmar
127 Pinsir Bug
128 Tauros
129 Magikarp
130 Gyarados
131 Lapras
132 Ditto
133 Eevee…
134 Vaporeon
135 Jolteon
136 Flareon
137 Porygon
138 Omanyte
139 Omastar
140 Kabuto
141 Kabutops
142 Aerodactyl
143 Snorlax
144 Articuno
145 Zapdos
146 Moltres
147 Dratini
148 Dragonair
149 Dragonite
150 Mewtwo
151 Mew
152 Chikorita
153 Bayleef
154 Meganium
155 Cyndaquil…
156 Quilava
157 Typhlosion
158 Totodile
159 Croconaw
160 Feraligatr
161 Sentret
162 Furret
163 HootHoot
164 Noctowl
165 Ledyba
166 Ledian
167 Spinarak
168 Ariados
169 Crobat
170 Chinchou
171 Lanturn
172 Pichu…
173 Cleffa
174 Igglybuff
175 Togepi
176 Togetic
177 Natu
178 Xatu
179 Mareep
180 Flaaffy
181 Ampharos
182 Bellossom
183 Marill…
184 Azumarill
185 Sudowoodo
186 Politoed
187 Hoppip
188 Skiploom
189 Jumpluff
190 Aipom
191 Sunkern
192 Sunflora
193 Yanma
194 Wooper
195 Quagsire
196 Espeon
197 Umbreon
198 Murkrow
199 Slowking
200 Misdreavus
201 Unown
202 Wobuffet
203 Girafarig
204 Pineco
205 Foretress
206 Dunsparce
207 Gligar
208 Steelix
209 Snubbull
210 Granbull
211 Quilfish
212 Scizor
213 Schuckle
214 Heracross
215 Sneazle
216 Teddiursa
217 Ursaring
218 Slugma
219 Magcargo
220 Swinub
221 Piloswine
222 Corsola
223 Remoraid
224 Octillery
225 Delibird
226 Mantine
227 Skarmony
228 Houndour
229 Houndoom
230 Kingdra
231 Phanpy
232 Donaphan
233 Porygon2
234 Stantler
235 Smeargle
236 Tyrogue
237 Hitmontop
238 Smoochum
239 Elekid
240 Magby
241 Miltank
242 Blissey
243 Raikou
244 Entei
245 Suicune
246 Larvitar
247 Pupitar
248 Tyranitar
249 Lugia
250 Ho-Oh
251 Celebi
252 Treecko
253 Grovyle
254 Sceptile
255 Torchic
256 Combusken
257 Blaziken
258 Mudkip
259 Marshtomp
260 Swampert
261 Poochyena
262 Mightyena
263 Zigzagoon
264 Linoone
265 Wurmple
266 Silcoon
267 Beautifly
268 Cascoon
269 Dustox
270 Lotad
271 Lombre
272 Ludicolo
273 Seedot
274 Nuzleaf
275 Shiftry
276 Taillow
277 Swellow
278 Wingull
279 Pelipper
280 Ralts
281 Kirlia
282 Gardevoir
283 Surskit
284 Masquerain
285 Shroomish
286 Breloom
287 Slakoth
288 Vigoroth
289 Slaking
290 Nincada
291 Ninjask
292 Shedinja
293 Whismur
294 Loudred
295 Exploud
296 Makuhita
297 Hariyama
298 Azurill
299 Nosepass
300 Skitty
301 Delcatty
302 Sapleye
303 Mawile
304 Aron
305 Lairon
306 Aggron
307 Meditite
308 Medicham
309 Electrike
310 Manectric
311 Plusle
312 Minun…
313 Volbeat
314 Illumise
315 Roselia
316 Gulpin
317 Swalot
318 Carvanha
319 Sharpedo
320 Wailmer
321 Wailord
322 Numel…
323 Camerupt
324 Torkoal
325 Spoink
326 Grumpig
327 Spinda
328 Trapinch
329 Vibrava
330 Flygon
331 Cacnea
332 Cacturne
333 Swablu
334 Altaria
335 Zangoose
336 Seviper
337 Lunatone
338 Solrock
339 Barboach
340 Whiscash
341 Corphish…
342 Crawdaunt
343 Baltoy
344 Claydol
345 Lileep
346 Cradily
347 Anorith
348 Amaldo
349 Feebas
350 Milotic
351 Castform
352 Kecleon
353 Shuppet
354 Banette
355 Duskull
356 Dusclops
357 Tropius
358 Chimecho
359 Absol
360 Wynaut
361 Snorunt
362 Glalie
363 Spheal
364 Sealeo
365 Walrein
366 Clamperl
367 Huntail
368 Gorebyss
369 Relicanth
370 Luvdisc
371 Bagon
372 Shelgon
373 Salamence
374 Beldum
375 Metang
376 Metagross
377 Regirock
378 Regice
379 Registeel
380 Latias
381 Latios
382 Kyogre
383 Groundon
384 Rayquaza
385 Jirachi